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Our Focus Is On The Development Of One's Character, Confidence, Agility, And Physical Fitness.


Kids Karate

Our Kid's Karate Program teaches valuable self-defense skills as well as character development, self-esteem, leadership skills, concentration, and discipline. 



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Adult Karate

Get fit with one of the greatest workouts available! Learn proven self-defense techniques while you improve your mental strength, the discipline needed in all areas of your life.

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Kobudo is the classical study of traditional weapons, an integral aspect of Okinawa culture. Learn the ancient weapons of Okinawa developed from the farm tools of Okinawa and learn how to apply these practical applications to modern-day use.


About Us

Ingram's Okinawan Karate is in the Hudson area of Florida. Founded by Sensei's John and Cindy Ingram.  The goal for all Ingram's locations is to provide the best traditional Okinawan Isshinryu Karate training available.


True karate is an art that can be traced back hundreds of years.  The art is not about fighting but focuses on the development of one's character, confidence, agility, and physical fitness.


As you learn the art of karate you will acquire valuable self-defense skills as well as see improvement in your concentration and discipline.  This greatly helps children in school and adults in the workplace.





True karate is an art that can be traced back hundreds of years.

We teach martial arts with strong roots from Okinawa, Japan, the place where karate first began.


Sensei Ingrams 

“There are a lot of senseis out there...but there are none better than the Ingrams.”

— AJ James