50 years of



Through repetition, focus, and discipline on a regular basis every skill learned, and each belt earned, is a goal achieved. This achievement builds a drive toward perseverance, self-confidence, and self-respect.

In addition to the physical benefits, karate training decreases stress and tension and adds a sense of focus and concentration during daily activities.


Ingram’s Okinawan Karate offers a curriculum designed for Adults that will benefit people of all ages in a fun and positive environment.

Ingrams Okinawan Karate offers traditional training for adults that challenge you both mentally

and physically.


With consistent practice in our classes, You will develop muscle tone, increase energy, manage weight loss and build confidence.

At Ingrams Okinawan Karate we teach proven real-life self-defense techniques that are not only effective but developed from over 50 years of martial arts instruction with an extensive study of traditional martial arts.


Our classes include stretching and calisthenics - together with traditional karate you will get into the best shape of

your life!