Benefits of Our Youth Program

The youth program at Ingram's Okinawan Karate is focused on developing each child's mental focus and emotional health as well as their fitness level. Here at Ingram's Okinawan karate, we believe in positive reinforcement that builds 

self-confidence and self-respect.


As children develop self-defense skills and progress toward each rank their self-esteem grows and they develop a goal-oriented mindset. This mindset builds confidence, leadership, respect, and inner strength. These traits will lead them to the perseverance and discipline to be the best they can be on the path toward a black belt

and in their future endeavors.


Ingram's Okinawan karate provides a children’s curriculum that develops their skills and benefits of karate training but also teaches the importance of respect for teachers, parents, and fellow students as they train in the dojo and their life outside of the dojo. 

Our Students

As our students progress in karate, they learn to take pride in themselves and their accomplishments. Students begin to participate on their own and become more social with their peers. As students' motor skills increase so does their attention spans and their performance at sports and other activities.